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The world desperately needs trustworthy & inspiring leaders 

Margaret Sap is an open-minded life artist, mentor, best-selling author and speaker. Her Intentional Creativity® and Personal Leadership Coaching curates profound self-awareness, confidence, and resilience. The results of working with her comprise fast personal growth and self improvement, enhanced relationships and a more cheerful life experience.

If  you look for timely, relevant and valuable content, you’ll find an enlightened interviewee. As business savvy creativity coach with scientific and contextual expertise in societal trends and extensive experience in corporate creative businesses as Global Brand Strategist and Global PR Lead for well renowned brands, she surely has a feel for what is valuable for your audience.   


TOGETHER you can cater to the needs of your audience and publication and share impactful stories and insights that train, support and influence communities to thrive and make positive change happen.



I coach on personal leadership through mindful creative exercises that curate consciousness. Lifestyle strategies and accountability groups and Live Group Coaching and 1:1 VIP days every single month are all possible services.

This coaching is freeing, healing, transformational, deep and full of joy.

Wouldn’t it be cool to feel fulfilled and cheerful permanently?

Most people have little awareness of their thoughts, making it difficult to control them. By understanding how you think and recognizing limiting thoughts, one can overcome them and create new opportunities achieve your goals.

Even accomplished leaders battle emotions like imposter syndrome and self-doubt. Packed schedules and exhaustion become all too familiar, disconnecting them from loved ones. Welcome to the realm of high achievers.

Although they find joy in their accomplishments, they have lost sight of their own happiness.

The time is now to break free from the fear of change, escaping the cycle of pressure and performance.

True success is not left to chance or mere knowledge and experience. A fulfilling life hinges on your ability to cultivate cognitive awareness, embrace fresh perspectives, and adopt a sustainable approach to life.
s possible to journey joyfully towards goals and dreams while nurturing and enjoying precious relationships.

Think about it… how amázing that will be!

Awareness and Leadership coach
Homework Day 6 Mini Training Who will you be in 2023

Change is most natural.
Priority #1 is learning to embrace it. 

Every joyful person I know does.

If you think you’re the only one, if you think you’re the only one…  wondering how everyone else seems happy and successful in what they’re doing.

When in reality, invisible for you, everyone has their ups and downs, just like you.

In the face of uncertainty, it’s easy to think that you’re the problem. Think about it…

How will life be if that kind of worries simply no longer exist?

Transformation starts with a whisper

Are you facing relationship struggles? Balancing work and personal life seems tough? Insecurities and feeling like an imposter creeping in?

Or maybe, as a board member, you crave unbiased feedback from an outsider.

Perhaps you yearn to step out of a crucial role, but others doubt you.

Every time you pretend to hide your true thoughts and feelings about life, decisions, and situations, questions arise: “Will I ever find true happiness?”

Your family needs you. Energy is running low. Time for personal interests feels scarce. Pursuing hobbies seems risky. Overwhelmed by responsibilities. Making choices for others, not yourself.

That’s when people like you discover my services and programs.

They realize they’re trapped in outdated systems that no longer serve them. They seek new ways to embrace their own opinions. They strive to grow into their authentic selves, free from fear, anxiety, and people-pleasing tendencies.

Perhaps you’ve read my book, “The One Thing I Want You To Know,” and now desire support and fresh perspectives for making choices and embracing change.

What sets cheerful individuals apart is not the absence of fear; it’s their ability to overcome it.

Curious about reaching that point?

The key lies in getting to know yourself better.

Come along on a journey of self-discovery, and walk into a more fulfilling life.


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June 2022

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September 2019

“My dream is a museum full of family art”

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December 2022

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Interview Divine Living Q-Club
December 2021


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March 2021


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Interview Wegwijzer
March 2020

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Author Margaret Sap

“The One Thing I Want You To Know” is not just a book—it’s a roadmap to living your best life.

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The One Thing I want You to know Author Margaret

The book has reached best-seller status across multiple categories on various continents.

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To ensure you’ll never fall victim to silence, to keep dancing, and to prevent you from being a pawn in someone else’s narrative while living your one and only precious life.

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Doing Life Happier
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Spring clean Your Mind

– live talk show with 8 guest experts


Your December To Remember

Your December to Remember
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No matter your age, it’s important to be in touch with inspiring, vibrant leaders that are trustworthy.

People tend to look outwards for all things, confirmation, self worth, beauty and what not more. Yet, most keys to healthy, beauty and aliveness are to be found inside of you.

If only one would make more time to listen to intuition, knowing how to separate it from expectations or emotions.


“The sessions with Margaret remind me of my strength and the power of choice. I don’t need to shy away from my beliefs and values to please others.
The guidance through the process leads me to concrete action steps that I feel so good that I can also implement them quickly.”

Sabina M.

“The visioning had very interesting parts where it was a real shift in perspective. I loved how she was able to flow with me and yet keep the focus of the exercise at the same time.

It was a good journey where I was able to collect some beautiful amethyst nuggets of wisdom on the issue I brought in.

Margaret has a very creative mind and is quick to understand what is going on. That made it easy to feel safe and open up.“

Marike Y

“As a person who’s always shied away from art, doing sessions with Margaret which involve drawing was a huge step outside my comfort zone.

Margaret’s guidance during each session helped to feel more comfortable letting go and trusting the unknown, as well as become better at honoring myself.“

Rayna S.

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