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Free Resource YC More
Simple and Easy Habits to add more joy to your life Right Now

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Free Resource YC More

Make time for your talents with a ritual.

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Free Resource 30 ideas

30 straightforward, Easy to do ideas to spark creativity, joy and way more fun!

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Quick guide to selfmastery

Knowing Yourself is the greatest gift you can give yourself. Explore what practises serve you best with this practical quick guide.

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On the path of abundance

How to get on the path of abundance and thrive through life

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Quick guide to improve well being

Only you are responsible for your well being. Take a practise or two from this quick guide and improve your life with big leaps.

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Sparks Of Joy Audio

Margaret’s weekly 3-minute audio messages are collected in this Sparks of Joy podcast.

Coming soon. 

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5D Challenge Who Will You Be in 2023

There’s so much more within you than you can ever imagine. Let’s lift off the veil and see what’s underneath.



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Doing Life Happier podcast

For wise and ageless individuals who truly want to make the most out of their lives.

Margaret Sap invites speakers and invites them with thought-provoking questions to share their wisdom nuggets with you generously.

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