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more alive

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Personal Joy

If you want to play the game of life, you’d better pick a game you actually love, right?  Up your game with exercises that will charge you energetically with joy and confidence.

Career Fun

You’re in a career you no longer like? Or you want to scale up in a different direction? How to keep your worklife and adventures enticing.

Now is the time to clear your view


Pretty sure you love it when your view is bright and clear.

Let’s take off your sunglasses. You’ll be amazed by the clarity you didn’t realize was needed.

Do you want to stand strong for your true desires or humble opinions? Is your resilience weakening?

Is there a mismatch between you, societal standards and your surroundings?

Charge your car, take the steering wheel, open the windows,

tune your radio to the right frequency and sing as only you can sing.

Let’s go on a great journey!

life long adventure

recalibrate your wants & Needs

free to choose your own path

increased self awareness

cognitive efficiency

shift of perspectives

organic imagery

feel the power of cocreativity

full embodiment

amazing scenery

treasure mapping


Separating priorities and urgencies seems hard to you? Are there issues you want to get clear about? In your private life or your business and career? Let’s see what reality tells us…  


Career, romance or families? All relationships boil down to emotions. Managing feelings is challenging as stress, pressure and false beliefs hinder a clear view on your primary needs.

Heart Voice

You tried reinventing yourself with selfhelp books and nothing changes? Feeling lost and you don’t know why? You might be grateful but don’t truly enjoy the life you lead? Take my hand and let’s go on a walk inwards.  


Wooo, the lost art of dreaming. Are you sad for not having time and energy to dream and envision your ideals? NOW is the time to define your future. Why wait any longer? Dedicate our time together to create a safe haven for your desires and dreams and discover where they might lead you from here.

Cherish the wildflowers

Life’s a crazy ride. Pain, beauty, humor, fear, songs, despair, fun and challenges grow in and around us like wildflowers.

You never know when and where alongside your path they pop up.

Let’s find a field to play and create a beautiful bouquet of the wildflowers on your path!


“The sessions with Margaret remind me of my strength and the power of choice. I don’t need to shy away from my beliefs and values to please others.
The guidance through the process leads me to concrete action steps that I feel so good that I can also implement them quickly.”

Sabina M.

“The visioning had very interesting parts where it was a real shift in perspective. I loved how she was able to flow with me and yet keep the focus of the exercise at the same time.

It was a good journey where I was able to collect some beautiful amethyst nuggets of wisdom on the issue I brought in.

Margaret has a very creative mind and is quick to understand what is going on. That made it easy to feel safe and open up.

Marike Y.

“As a person who’s always shied away from art, doing sessions with Margaret which involve drawing was a huge step outside my comfort zone.

Margaret’s guidance during each session helped to feel more comfortable letting go and trusting the unknown, as well as become better at honoring myself.

Rayna S. 

Instant Online Resources

101 creativity tips as parenting tool

eBook – Quality time with your child in 5 minutes or less. Extra benefit: It declogs your mind!

These quick pen to paper tips are a positive bonding tool and are squeezable into busy schedules.

International bestselling author Margaret Sap

The One Thing I Want You To Know

Paperback – This international bestseller is an anthology featuring life lessons from nine inspirational women business owners and will leave you feeling truly inspired and motivated. You also gain access to many instant bonuses too.

The Essentials to Creative Living

Choose to be inspired and allow some creative confetti in your inbox to get your brain twinkling and entice your hidden talents.

Tips are short & simple, yet sometimes profound.

Choose well.

Reward Yourself.

… for how far you’ve come already.

My programs are not developed to change you. They are safe harbors from which you will explore the art of self discovery in multiple unique ways.

As on any trip, you will learn, grow and transform by yourself.

See me as your experienced travelguide, sharing equipment and knowledge that come in handy. We don’t talk much.

We move forward by invoking wonder on our paths and stand still where you want to  soak in the view. You lead, I guide.

Wanna come?


“Do you feel it? The breeze? Catch the wind of change in your sails.”       – Margaret Sap