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margaret sap

Intentional Creativity® Coach

raise your self awareness and take on personal leadership  


Why See More?

Are you tired of feeling like you’re playing a role in someone else’s story?

Are you always conforming to expectations placed upon you, losing sight of your true self in the process?

Your perception of the world is heavily influenced by your sociocultural environment.

Are you aware of that?

The rewards are immeasurable once you embark on this journey of self-discovery and get in touch with beautiful hidden aspects of your true authentic self. 

Join us now on this extraordinary journey to self-realization. Say goodbye to the actress trapped in the wrong movie and embrace the leading role in your own life. It’s time to see yourself in a whole new light.


A critical thinker who always follows her intuition. That’s me!

After my MA graduation, I found my bliss waking up to a dream career in various international leadership roles in music, sports and fashion.

I started researching the neuro scientific benefits of creative living, after I got intrigued by the joy-ratio of persons I met across the globe and the respective presence or lack of ‘performing the arts’ in their daily life. The conclusion? It’s as healthy for your life as healthy food and physical movement.

This has led me to certifying as Intentional Creativity® coach under guidance of Shiloh Sophia, my mentor and founder of the movement.

The process, methods and visual-led exercises I use and create, raise your self awareness and guide you (quicker than long talking sessions) towards a natural well of insights, deep inside of you.

Today, I guide CEO’s and senior managers that celebrate professional and private achievements, yet lost their spark along the way. Going through the programs, instead of further losing the art of connecting to themselves – and others, they get their sparkling eyes back. Pure joy.  

When you forge the path back to yourself, you end up in your most natural state of being.  

If you can hold pen and paper, why not use it to sharpen your brain and thinking and expand into the most true and shining version of yourself?

Values & Beliefs

the good, the truth and the beautiful

My life philosophy is simple. These three key values are subjective and in their purity can only be found in your own heart. That’s where all three reside and come to life in their best form. Your heart knows.

universal declaration of human rights

I declare the importance of accepting the universal declaration of human rights as the most important global currency. I invite all humans to learn the first article by heart:

“All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights. They are endowed with reason and conscience and should act towards one another in a spirit of brotherhood.”

future forward energy

Let me be your travel guide on an exciting journey: leading you to your truest and most expanded version of yourself. Past issues that come up will be dealt with as a means to use them as stepping stones for the future. The best part of your life might be very well ahead of you. 


“What strikes the oyster shell doesn’t damage the pearl.” – Rumi


Here you go,  my business plan – new style! It gives you a transparant impression of my mission and key values.

Your sessions with me are visual-led and curate consciousness around thoughts and views you might not be aware of – yet.

It specifically employs imagination, which may include visioning, drawing, journaling (and eventually) painting engaged in by client and coach. 

your curiosity

Personal contact is what the world needs. Whether you’re introvert or extravert, let’s connect.

Hop on a Zoom call and ask me your questions. This free 1:1 gives you a wonderful insight into my Intentional Creativity® services and how they serve in a fun and efficient way on your path of getting to know yourself better.

Be brave, become powerful and find the creative gateway towards the hidden world that’s part of you.

Grant yourself this worthwhile adventure!

You don’t need to wait. Start Forging Your Own Path Today!