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What if …  


your epic life is just a few lines away? 

Embark on the most amazing yet shortest journey of your life:

25 centimeters. 

It’s the trip most people don’t take. The one from your head to your heart, from your mind to your soul. It guarantees transformational stunning views

– on yourself and your life. 

Wanna come?

Private Life

You are pro and thankful, but find it crazy challenging to truly enjoy your precious family life.

Recalibrate and start sharing with your loved ones the best version of yourself.


Expectations, goals and boundaries: An exciting combo, especially in a high-paced, demanding reality.

If you feel challenged in this area, it’s time to recalibrate priorities, wants and needs for how you prefer to live your life.

Creativity is not something we do, it’s a place we go…

* An oasis for your brain

* A judgement-free space to share concerns, ideas and dreams

* A place for your imagination and inspiration

* A place to (re)activate your talents and role within your communities

* A home for exploring and integrating fresh perspectives

* An environment that raises your self awareness and amplifies your true voice

Intentional Creativity® tools help you to stay on top of physical and mental health and support you to integrate daily routines and work/life challenges.

1:1 sessions and group programs are highly efficient (often in a matter of minutes) in supporting to keep your sanity in the 24/7 economy.

Feel like traveling?

Book one of the most amazing trips of your life: An adventure inwards. Evade into your future using imagination, while you work on your consciousness.

What if the best years of your life are ahead of you?

As your personal ‘travel guide’, I’m a  spiritual yet down to earth companion, sharing wisdom nuggets, neuro scientific insights and handy tools to spark up the trip.

This transformative way of coaching could very well be the personal growth experience you’re looking for:
not much talking, visual and exciting, surprising and deep fun and a surefire way to come home to yourself.

Fill in the application form here on the page and schedule a free creativity call.

More questions?

1. Request the application form

Scroll down and request the application form. In a free 1:1 call, you can ask questions and share where you wish to see change in your life. 

I will inform you if and what program fits best to your currents wants and needs..

2. Schedule the free Creativity Call

Check my calendar and book your call. You’ll receive a confirmation email.  

3. Let's talk. No strings attached.

The Creativity Call will give you a glimps of possibilities. If you decide to dive into more sessions, you select the program that fits you and your time best.  

4. Agreement

I keep my service and our collaboration  and mutual expectations to high ethics and standards of behavior.

An agreement between you and me reflect a complete understanding of parties involved with respect to the content and outcomes of the programs.


5. Let the journey begin

The proven methods, the safe space and heartfelt guidance you’ll receive during our sessions together are extremely efficient and to the point. I’m honoured and looking forward to journey together. 

If you want to proceed as soon as possible, you can book your preferred program here.

Shift perspectives

Your view on self and the world is influenced or even determined by others. It’s like wearing sunglasses without realising it.

Once aware of the sunglasses you wear, you will wake up differently to the first day of the rest of your life.

Treat yourself on a transformational journey.  

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you will experience…

A wonder-full, life changing journey. Your future self will thank you for it: your brain thinks sharper, quicker, smoother. You become more confident and your soul’s calling finds answers.

The effectiveness of the exercises and programs and the direct reality check of my approach saves you time and money in the long run.

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Coaching Packages

9 months Group Program

“Marks for Change”

Shaken and stirred during the pandemic, it’s necessary to regain clarity on your priorities.

More Details

This experience gives you insight in your conditioning and the frameworks in which you operate. You will take off some glasses, discover a new land to explore and rediscover yourself along the way.

12 bi-weekly sessions

$ 7500

6 Months Program

“I am the CEO of my life”

Longing for a spacious, loving and joyful field to operate from and live in? It exists!

And you can create it.

More Details

People-pleasing, perfectionism, overthinking … all signs of a conditioned mind. Once aware of this, who you are and what you stand for might be different from who you truly are and want in life.

It requires courage to love what you truly love.

Freeing yourself from social conditioning is the greatest gift you can give yourself.

It will allow you to freel free even in the most restraint situations.

 12 bi-weekly sessions

$ 6500

One day VIP Intensive

“Your Day, Your Theme”

The only one you need.

More Details

Observe your current situation with a fresh view and recalibrate your values, needs and feelings in some key areas of your life. Come out of this morning relieved and with clear tangible steps to move forward.

One day Intensive: You’ll flash out a 10 steps process to turn your findings into a concrete action plan.

$ 1997

About Me

As artist, writer, researcher and certified coach, I combine academic knowledge, business expertise and playfulness with Intentional Creativity® tools and methods.

You are invited and inspired to – rapidly and effectively – shift some of your main perspectives. This results a.o. in:

*more focus and stronger boundaries 

*clarity on true needs

*conscious creative living

*co-creating positive circumstances

*smoother and quicker thinking

*alignment of your personality with your soul

*senses of relief and true joy

*you feel lighter and more fierce.

Bring an open attitude – and a pen –  to the paper and gift yourself an incredible access point into your own source of wellbeing.


“The whole-istic approach was eye-opening to me. I totally shifted perspective: Before I tried so hard to integrate my life into my work. I’m beyond grateful to have discovered how to do the opposite: integrate work into my life.” – Amber A.

“I learned how to be completely happy with not finishing my to-do list. What a relief. A major mindshit for me. ” – Karen M.

“This cleared my mind in ways that should have happened years ago. My focus improved so quickly and therefore my productivity too.” – Ester P.