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My coaching style is visual led – it avoids dense talks and creates rapidly and effectively lasting change.

No artistic skills required at all.

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Live your epic life

Step into a different way of being. Get directed and inspired to a world of possibilities.

Open up to your feelings and emotions under experienced guidance.

Radiance, joy and living the one & only true you will be the most beautiful gift you grant yourself with.

6 months Coaching 1:1

“I am the CEO of my life”

Sometimes you wonder if “this is it”, yet you never get to change something. Let’s explore how you can reclaim your own authority, and improve and cultivate your personal leadership.


$ 6500


More Details

You are going on the journey of your life when you join this program.

The (symbolic) sunglasses you wear, your view on self, others and the world determine how and where you walk and even what you see.

You come out of this program feeling strenghtend in your self worth and self expression and in control of your life and new directions.

12 bi-weekly coaching sessions, weekly contact, and one bonus activity of choice



“Marks for Change”

Connection, accountability and future forward sessions with great clarity, cultivated in a safe environment. 

$ 7500

More Details

The pandemic got you thinking.

Allow for internal thoughts and feelings to flow freely during group sessions and 1:1 encounters.

You will discover where you stand in your life, why things happen, what’s going on and what you can do about it.

You will learn how to rewire your brain for higher level cognitive efficiency and bypass your default stories in ways you can’t even imagine right now.

At the end of this program, you will have laid off your masks of pretense and will accelerate holistic performance by being yourself.

And as a bonus you might find some friends for life!

One day VIP Intensive 1:1


Inspiring self help books don’t have the lasting effect you’re longing for?

You discovered that self care goes beyond  treating yourself a manicure or massage?

Real self care equals self respect. To respect yourself fully and deeply, it’s crucial to know who you are, where you stand in life and where you want to go. And to stop fooling yourself.

Let’s explore on this beautiful day where you are heading and let’s course correct where needed.

$ 1997


More Details

Bring in your personal growth or leadership challenge. 

Allow for thoughts and feelings to flow freely this day. You will discover what’s tripping you up and how to break through.

With high level cognitive efficiency, you will anticipate your next steps with joy and excitement.  

At the end of this day, you have laid out the first, solid stepping stones for the rest of your life. You will know how to move forward with certainty and clarity.

And you will feel great about it!

5 hours incl. lunchbreak

Precious Pearl Package

Overthinking, people-pleasing, perfectionism, imposter syndrom …

All signs of conditioning that squeezes you into a format that no longer suits you. It covers up who you truly are and it’s time to find this pearl, polish it up and let it be who it is in its purest form. That Pearl are You.

More Details

Freeing yourself from social conditioning is not easy. Doing it on your own is nearly impossible. Guided by me as your coach, it still will be a heavy lift yet you’ll train yourself into it and it will be so worth the effort.

Exploring your beliefsystems, your thoughts and triggers is a wonderful, exciting and absolute rewarding journey.

12 VIP days, weekly content if you wish and all sorts of surprises in goodness and greatness.


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