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Margaret Sap, MA
Life artist, Councelor, Coach 



Early service hours possible.

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Frequently Asked

I can't draw nor paint. Is that OK?

Totally ok. No artistic skills needed. 

The coaching is visually led yet does not require any technical painting and drawing skills. As long as you can hold a pen and a piece of paper, you’re totally fine.

What can i expect from your coaching?

In 45-50 minute sessions, I invite you to come along to explore your innerworld and find some beautiful insights.

Intentional Creativity Coaching is a collaborative process between you and me as your guide in the service of raising self awareness. It specifically employs imagination, which may include visioning, drawing, journaling (and eventually) painting engaged in by client and coach. 

No artistic skills required. 

what does Intentional Creativity mean?

Any form of creation made with love and conscious intention. 

What will it bring me?

Your life will never be the same again. It will shift for the better during this transformational journey. That’s not scary. It’s fun actually!

You will curate consciousness and spiritual awareness around the choices you make.

You will love yourself more and more on your adventure and will look forward to these regular appointments with yourself. 

I never heard about this. Is this a new hype?

This form of creativity might be relatively new in personal development coaching. It speeds up the transformational progress, which makes it so efficient and effective.

Intentional creativity by itself is as old as mankind and the first crafted visual arts.

Visual knowledge by itself is as old as the first human who started to create imagery and signs. It stands at the root of our very existence and is at the center of these coachingmethods. That’s what you will explore, discover and experience. It’s exciting! 

The movement has been developed and instilled by the founder and my direct and beloved teacher Shiloh Sophia.

How can I contact you?

For specific questions or information on programs, customization, groups and retreats, please use the message box on this page.

Details for future reference or forwarding: 

Margaret Sap

Intentional Creativity Coach



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