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Frequently Asked QUESTIONS

I can't draw nor paint? Is that OK?

The coaching is visually led. It does not require any technical painting and drawing skills. As long as you can hold a pen and a piece of paper, you’re totally fine.

What can i expect from your coaching?

45 minute sessions

Intentional Creativity Coaching is a collaborative process between you and me as your guide in the service of raising self awareness.

It specifically employs imagination, which may include visioning, drawing, journaling (and eventually) painting engaged in by client and coach. 

As a result of the programs I offer, you rapidly and effectively raise and deepen your self awareness so that you are fully grounded in your selfworth, self expression and authenticity. 

No artistic skills required. 



what does Intentional Creativity mean?

Any form of creation made with love and conscious intention. 

What's in it for me?

Your life will never be the same again. It will shift for the better during this transformational journey.

That’s not scary. It’s fun actually!

You will curate consciousness and spiritual awareness around the choices you make.

You will love yourself more and more on your adventure. Most of all it’s relieving to have these regular appointments with and 100% for yourself.

You are giving yourself the most beautiful gift: spiritual intelligence to navigate through reality with flare, clarity and rejoicing in this beautiful journey called life.


I never heard about this. Is this a new hype?

This form of creativity might be relatively new in personal development coaching. It speeds up the transformational progress, which makes it so efficient and effective.

Intentional creativity by itself is as old as mankind and the first crafted visual arts.

Visual knowledge by itself is as old as the first human who started to create imagery and signs. It stands at the root of our very existence and is at the center of these coachingmethods. That’s what you will explore, discover and experience. It’s exciting! 

The movement has been developed and instilled by the founder and my direct and beloved teacher Shiloh Sophia.

What's the time commitment?

Each session is 45 minutes.

Individual coaching 1:1    

6 or 12 months programs
One day Intensives (5 hours incl.break) 
VIP Year Program (on invitation only) 

Group coaching (max 20) 

6 months program (April-October) 

to break free from social conditioning
to regain your focus and clarity
to reset priorities and boundaries
to reclaim authority over your stories, choices and future.


Corporate Guidance
Groupcoaching companies 
Individual Coaching Sr. Mgmt. 
B2B Events 

Twice a year
Also, on demand.

Contact me for options and possibilities.

How do I know this is right for me?

If you’re open minded and feel the need to change something in your life, sharpen your thinking or want to improve your joy-scale, this is a path you will enjoy.  

Will it be worth it?


How long is each session?

45 minutes

Can I contact you in between sessions?

During program time, I hold space for you and you can reach out to me via audio messages once a week.

For extra ‘within 48h extra session’ or ‘instant meeting-prep session’, I can make space in my calendar and will charge an additional fee.

How much access to you do I get?

You have access to me at every session and we can communicate through audio messages throughout the week during the program time. 

What is spirituality?

Spirituality does not equal religion. Spirituality is your sense of self as spiritual human being in this vast universe called life, wondering for your purpose or calling here on earth.

This sounds vague, woohoo and only for extreme creatives

It’s not. The coaching processes and methods are very thorough and are rooted in vast experience. 

Universal and organic by nature, the programs are right for those who want to get the best out of life, and therefore out of themselves first.

With an open attitude and healthy curiosity, you will forge existing neural pathways into ones that fire and wire together more effectively.

This results in more focus and productivity, quicker and more creative thinking and last but not least more joy and ownership over your actions.

I’m a down to earth, typical “Dutch style” straightforward kind of person and am fluent in several universal languages, varying from corporate to talks from down the block and many dialects in between.

So, please: Come as you are.


How does neuroscience support this method?

The methods of Intentional Creativity®  are backed up by neuroscience.  

One of the key tools used in our methods, is metacognitive drawing. It allows overactive left brain parts to relax while it simultaneously activates the right brain hemisphere. Through this sudden moment of balance, the created brainspace opens a gateway to your subconscious mind, emotions and intuition. 


Do you have a refund policy?

At this moment, I don’t have a refund policy. The free call, free exercise and assessment form give you an impression of the adventure ahead. 

If you think there is a personal non-fit, we will part ways in all fairness as personal trust is an important factor. 



Where can I find the application form?


The form serves as a means to share with you important information about the methods and approach. It serves as a good basis for the creativity call. 

Instant Access to Online Resources

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Sketch It Out Quick Guide

A fun teaser of the popular Sketch It Out-course, developed to teach you why and how to implement daily sketching to your life. In 3 minutes or less!  

Give yourself permission

to discover 

the real you