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shift perspectives

Your view on self and the world is influenced or even determined by others. It’s like wearing sunglasses without realising it.

A great start for personal development, growth and more joy in your life is to take a figurative look in the mirror.


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Once aware of the sunglasses you wear, you will wake up differently to the first day of the rest of your life.

Reforging existing pathways and turning them into 100% yours, leads to long-term emotional, mental and physical changes.

Invite yourself on a transformational journey.

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The effectiveness of the exercises and programs and the direct reality check of my approach saves you time and money in the long run.


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You might wonder if you ‘need’ this kind of coaching… Well, let’s put it differently. You miss out on a big chunk of your life’s capacity by using mainly one side of your brain. No blame here, it’s just how the matrix has trained most of us to think, act and live. Good thing, you can change this and feel the immediate effect.

The heart service before, during and after each session is true, energetic and deeply experienced. By you and by me in this ‘oasis for the brain’.

During our time together, I hold space for you in my mind, body, heart and soul.


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