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101 creativity tips as parenting tool

Handy Guide – Quality time with your child in 5 minutes or less.
Extra benefit: It declogs your mind!

These quick pen-to-paper tips are a positive bonding tool for you with your child and are squeezable into dense schedules.

11 fun habits to try

What if it is actually so easy to add more joy to your life?

Sometimes, the simplest things are actually the best. And all you need at that moment.

Download the list with simple easy habits that you can immediately add back in to your life.

The Essentials to Creative Living

Choose to be inspired and allow some creative confetti in your inbox to get your brain twinkling and entice your hidden talents.

Tips are short & simple.

Choose well.

Reward Yourself.

… for how far you’ve come already.

My programs are not developed to change you. And yet they will transform you.

They are safe harbors from which you will explore the art of self discovery in multiple unique ways.

As on any trip, you will learn, grow and transform by yourself.

See me as your experienced travelguide, sharing equipment and knowledge that come in handy. We don’t talk much.

We move forward by invoking wonder on our paths and stand still where you want to  soak in the view. You lead, I guide.

Wanna come?


“Do you feel it? The breeze? Catch the wind of change in your sails.”       – Margaret Sap