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The One Thing I Want You To Know Training!

The One Thing I Want You To Know

Your life experience can change in a split second… You know that as much as I do.

The insights shared in “Make the Choice To Use Your Voice” are simple, straightforward, and the first steps in the direction of a glorious future.

This brief, yet engaging, mini-training is simple to follow and an enjoyable way to experience and sense self-awareness and personal development.

There’s so much we can dive into, yet for now, this is short and sweet free guidance to invite you to come alive, establish healthy habits, and claim authorship over your life that aligns with your authentic desires.


Make the Choice to Use your Voice Guide

Chapter audio in English, read by Margaret

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Author Margaret Sap

CHOICE and values

The One Thing Author Margaret

CHANGE and freedom

Author Margaret Sap

TRUST and responsibility

Author Margaret Sap YC More


Resilient as a wildflower


The importance of self-awareness

Coach Margaret Sap

Self-awareness is essential to your personal growth and development. It allows you to

  • identify your strengths and weaknesses,
  • understand your motivations, and
  • recognize your patterns of behavior.

With more self-awareness, you’ll make

  • better decisions and choices,
  • improve your relationships, and
  • achieve your goals.

When you are aware of your own emotions and experiences, you are better equipped to impulse control yourself and understand and empathize with others.

This leads to stronger, more fulfilling relationships and a greater sense of community. For you and for those that matter most to you!